Back from Bermuda ready for the season!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Well, we are back home in PA after a wonderful week in Bermuda. The weather was perfect, (although a tad hot for the players at game time) the scenery was beautiful, and the team played very well. Overall the trip was a success. If you read the posts of the players, you can see how much we did and how they enjoyed it. Over the course of the week, I saw the players grow closer to each other and bond in a way that I hoped they would. That bond showed its face on the field Thursday night. The 'Hounds were confident and ready to take on anybody, making crisp passes, communicating with each other, and scoring goals in a variety of ways. While the sun bathing, snorkeling, and swimming were the things the players may have enjoyed most. I as a coach enjoyed watching these women overcome a 3-1 deficit to win 5-4. I am eager for the 2009 season to begin and hope we can build on what we started down in Bermuda. I would like to thank all of the parents who travled with us. You were very supportive and the trip wouldn't have been the same with out you. I will look for you in the stands in September.

Coach Endler

A winning night under the Bermuda sunset!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey there, my name is Julie. The memories we are creating here will be ones I will remember forever. We not only have been experiencing playing field hockey overseas, but we have been visiting the amazing beaches, tourist attractions, and eating the delicious meals. We had our second game today and of course were adjusting to the heat. Within the first twenty minutes of the first half we were down three to zero, but pulled together as a team and tied it up before half. We played a strong second half and WON five to four. It was the perfect ending to a great week for our team and it was definitely a great way to start our preseason.

Greetings from Bermuda!! Maura here! Well today is Thursday, and I can’t believe our journey is almost over!! Monday and Tuesday we soaked up the sun at Grotto Bay and Horseshoe Bay. Wednesday we spent the day shopping at St. George and Hamilton. Today we started our day early taking the bus to St. George, where we hopped on the ferry to the Dockyards. There, we enjoyed the beach again at Snorkel Park. After a few hours in the sun we journeyed to the Bermuda Art Gallery, and the Bermuda Maritime Museum. There we saw Dolphin Quest, which there are only three of those in the world. The dolphins were so cute! Next we explored more and I learned about the Sea Venture, which sunk and the survivors created two vessels and sailed to Virginia. Anyways, it was time to go back on the ferry to the hotel and prepare for the game. Tonight’s game has been the highlight of this week. We were down two goals and came back and won 5-4. It was so great to see our team working together, scoring, and connecting on the field. I’m so proud of our team and wish you all could of seen us play!! Well, hope you enjoy your time in PA, NJ, or NY, while I’m laying on the beach tomorrow!! See ya soon! Ps. Hi Mom!!! J

Hi from Bermuda, this is Maureen. This trip has been so much fun! We have been to so many beautiful places such as St. George, Hamilton, and Horseshoe Bay. The beaches are beautiful and the shopping has been fun. Today we went to the Dockyards where we swam and snorkeled in the bay and then went around the town into the shops. We also played our second game against the Bermudian team tonight. We started off down by three goals but were able to come back and win 5-4. Our team has been having a lot of fun together and becoming much closer, and I feel this trip has helped us do so. Tomorrow is our last day to lie on the beautiful beach at Grotto Bay before we return home! See you all soon!

Salute from Bermuda! I am Kayla. My experience here has been unlike any other. The Bermudians welcomed us in with opened arms and warm smiles. I feel so honored to be able to play the sport I love while doing one of my favorite things, traveling with friends. Our expeditions throughout the day were activities that suited what we like to do, shop, eat, and be surrounded by our good friends in a beautiful island community. I feel blessed.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team in front of Town Hall in St. George

Today was a nice relaxing day we went to St. George and Hamilton (which is the capital of Bermuda). In St. George we got a tour of a perfume shop and it was really interesting I bought a bottle which will always remind me of my trip. We had dinner in Hamilton I ate at a nice Italian restaurant.
Aliina 2010

I really do love it here! We spent the morning at the hotel relaxing and swimming in the beautiful bay. It was nice to be able to relax and recover after last night's game. A few of us snorkled out to some shipwrecks that are situated around the bay. That was definitely pretty cool. We then went to St. George and Hamilton to do some shopping and exploring. The day was really great, and I enjoy getting to spend this time bonding with my teammates.
Alex 2011

Today was an incredible time with my teammates! We spent the morning together on the beach relaxing after our hard played game. Some of us snorkled and explored all of the marine life in the bay. Afterwards we went to Historical St. George to learn some of the histoy of the island and do some shopping. The perfumery was very small which shocked me because I thought it would be a large factory. We also saw the oldest Anglican Church in the western hemisphere. The alter is made of the oldest wood in all of Bermuda. To finish off an awesome day, our team went to Hamilton to shop and experience the culture of the island during the "Harbor Nights Street Festival." I really enjoyed learning more about my teammates and get closer together as friends as well as teammates.
Sam 2010

Today was an adventurous day in Bermuda. A few of my teammates and I went snorkling over two shipwrecks. We also got to feed the tropical fish. Later we boarded the bus and went to St. George where we shopped and explored the town. We also got to see the cruise ship that docked at St. George. Next, we went to Hamilton for some more shopping and dinner. We also witnessed their town festival where there was dancing, shopping, games and more. Bermuda has been such a great experience with my teammates where we can grow closer as a team.
Damara 2010

Day 2: Horseshoe Bay and Bermuda Game!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This entire trip so far has been amazing. I am so glad that we got to visit Horseshoe Bay as a team, and it was unlike any other beach that I have ever been to! The climbing on rocks and sight-seeing made the beach complete. I am having a great time and our game against the Bermuda national team was also really great. I am hoping that our next game goes just as well on Thursday!

Becky Renaldo

Day 2: Today we went to Horseshoe Bay Beach and spent the day in the warm Bermuda sun. We we able to swim in the amazing clear water and play in the light pink sand!! Then once we were done having an awesome time on the beach and catching some rays, we headed back to the hotel. Later that night, we played a game against the U18 Bermuda Tational team...we tied. It was extremely hot out. After the game we enjoyed some pasta. Then we went back to the hotel to relax for the rest of the night. All together it was a great bright sunny day!!!
Sarah Keenhold

Hi to everyone back home, we are all here in Bermuda and it's great. Its been a great first two days here, and we couldn't have asked for better weather (okay, maybe not as hot when we were playing but otherwise it was great). We went to one of the beaches called Horseshoe Bay today. The water was awesome, you could see right through it & the sand was pink. We also played our first game tonight, we tied but as a team played well. The game tonight was a good beginning to our season. Tomorrow we have the day off, but are going to the dockyards and doing some other cool things, so we will update tomorrow.
-Steph Dellaquilla

Today we started off the day at the Horseshoe bay beach. The water was crystal clear and we spent the day snorkling. I saw the most beautiful fish I have ever seen. We explored caves and climbed rocks along the reef. We then came back to the hotel and got ready for our first game. The game itself was intense and very hot, but we played well and we learned a lot. We then had dinner at the field and came back to the hotel to relax for the rest of the night.
Jillian Pagliei

Photo: Moravian Hounds with U18 Bermuda team.

Video: After game shaking hands.

Arrival in Berrmuda

Monday, August 10, 2009

We have arrived! After an uneventful flight from Newark, we settled in at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort. The surroundings are specatular. The water is clear blue and the lush landscape is wonderful. We had a team dinner at the famous Swizzle Inn, Our tour guides Jenn and Nat are great and have everything planned out for us. The players are down at the beach now relaxing before our long day of sightseeing and playing the U18 Bermudian National team tomorrow night. We will certainly have more to report tomorrow, but I just wanted to let everyone know that we arrived safely.
After dinner at the entrance to the resort.
Coach Endler

One week until departure

Monday, August 3, 2009

Well, we are one week away from taking our first overseas trip with the Moravian Field Hockey Team to beautiful Bermuda! Everyone is excited for the trip and to see those pink sand beaches and test our skills against the Bermudian national team. We hope that you will follow our adventure as we post our daily happenings as we explore the island. I know a lot of you wish you could have come along, but I guess this is the next best thing. Ok, I better get packing, tune in on Monday August 10th.
Coach Endler


Monday, July 27, 2009

In August, women's field hockey coach Amy Endler will travel with the team to Bermuda. Along with excursions to Horseshoe Bay, historic Dockyards, and St. George, the trip will feature field hockey games against the Bermudian national team.